Microblogs: @Irritating or #Informative?

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The YouTube video “Twitter in Real Life” is a great way to demonstrate how a large portion of our society uses twitter. Ask yourself: if I actually had to say this tweet aloud, would I? You might realize that it sounded pretty absurd.

Do you really want to know what your sister’s boyfriend’s younger brother had for lunch? Or what your neighbor’s cat looked like at 5am this morning? Without a doubt, Twitter (THE microblog) is the best place to share and discover what is going on right now. But when does it become too much? Does it really help?

Before sharing what type of shoes the person sitting next to you is wearing, ask yourself, “Is this really important to my followers?” By sharing information relative and practical to your supporters you will continue maintain a strong fan base. Tweeting about a great sale at the shoe store would be a more functional tweet.   Also, tweeting about a great book you just read, (not the page you are on) or a delicious recipe you discovered will help you to maintain a high fan following. Twitter is also functional when you re-tweet breaking news in your microblog. By warning your followers to a traffic accident, you will be able to alert them to find an alternative route. The world we live in has made it too easy to tweet with our smartphones, so remember to be informative and promotional, and you might actually sound really smart. @Think before you tweet.

By Courtney Brennan


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  1. Stacy Lowrey said,

    I think everyone who signs up for a twitter account should read this and look at the video you posted. I for one, was a bit confused at first,on how twitter was any different than facebook’s live feed of status updates. I myself even tweeted a few boring updates. I learned quickly that its more about engaging in some sort of conversation thats beneficial to someone other than a stalker.

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