Why IBM Lets Employees Blog

February 6, 2011 at 10:33 pm (Uncategorized)

Why IBM Lets Employees Blog (video)

Ethan McCarty, editor in chief of IBM’s intranet, tells us how his team created IBM’s blogging guidelines. IBM has over 350,000 employees openly blogging. Before this was possible, IBM had to develop a strategy for allowing its employees to talk about the company, without damaging its reputation. To solve this problem, McCarty looked to the employees themselves.

Instead of handing its employees a rule book, IBM challenged its user community to develop practical yet empowering set of rules for their new blog.

“So what the company should do is just to seek them out because they are experts,” McCarty said. “They already know how to do it. So the company should try to make them contributors to the blogging guidelines of the company and get them involved.”

Since one of IBM’s core values is creating a high-level of trust and personal responsibility in all relations, this decision seemed fitting. In the video, McCarty says that when it came to creating the actual guidelines for the blog, most employees were already following them and blogging positively about IBM.

IBM’s blogging network even extends internally, where it actually encourages employees to engage in the dialogue. According to McCarthy, participating in the conversation is a good way for employees to show their expertise and to find opportunities. The more people engaging in conversation, he says, the more benefits there are to participating in blogging conversation.

This video about blogging is relevant because it shows the benefits of blogging even in a corporate setting. Although companies must have rules for its bloggers to protect the their image, companies and their employees can still benefit from the lively community that is blogging.

By Wai Li


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